Spencer reid bar fanfiction

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Spencer reid bar fanfiction

This isn't really meant to be taken seriously It's just an amusing, slightly OOC oneshot that I thought of before I went to sleep the other night and it made me laugh! Stepping into the bullpen, Spencer kept his face down and went straight to his desk, dumping his satchel beside him and booting up the dreaded computer.

Glancing to his left, he saw the stack of files beside him and noticed with dull amusement that it was at least twice as high as on anyone else's desk. The realization that the rest of the team were probably already around and that they had all slipped him files made him laugh quietly, but he quickly decided he'd need at least one mug of coffee to deal with the day.

Sighing, he got up and made his way over to the coffee machine, carefully avoiding looking up until he reached it. It was only when Derek called out his name that he instinctively looked up, sighing again when he saw the look of shock and horror on his friend's face. Apparently, his black eye was as bad as it had looked in the mirror before work this morning Who did that to you, I swear I will make them pay for it.

As if on cue, Prentiss appeared behind Derek. Sighing, Spencer finished making his coffee, dumped in five sugars and turned to face his friends regretfully. It was nothing. Who did that to you? Then he saw JJ appear in the bull-pen and realized that it was over. If there was one person he could never lie to, it was JJ, she was his best friend really and he had no clue where he would be without her. As she stepped over looking worried, Spencer realized he had to speak.

As Reid looked at JJ, Morgan stepped forwards and pulled Spencer to face him a half-disbelieving and half-amused look on his face. You went out, and got in a bar fight You are joking right kid? Statistically, a lot of alcohol consumption mixed with close contact often leads to fights.

It is not uncommon to end up in a fight over a simple, but offensive, even if only slightly, disagreement and so the fact that I got into one last night should not be such a surprise. Merely a somewhat unusual event for me in particular It seemed she had spotted him too as, as she made eye contact, she jumped, dropped all the files in her hands and rushed over to her friend, knocking Morgan and Prentiss out of the way as she reached Spencer, who promptly dropped his mug of coffee from a mix of shock and worry.

I thought your eye looked bad last nightWhile we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Spencer is in a realationship that no one knows about. He is uppset about how the teams treat him like he is not a human and they not caring for his fealings. Can he trust the team once again or will he have to change units.

Whit a lot of domestic fluff. Spencer gets big news about a previous one night stand of his, leaving him with a decision to make. Dealing with his fears and insecurities about it while maintaining his sobriety is not an easy feat but he is none the less determined. Even more so for us since we did go get drinks beforehand and studies show that inebriated people forget to use protection entirely more often than sober people.

Spencer Reid can't be anyone but himself; he will, forevermore, be the man who is nothing more than a brain and an itinerary of memorised facts. Even after meeting the inscrutable Emily Prentiss and falling ridiculously in love, he eventually realises that she's just as trapped as he is on that same fixed path to disaster.

It takes the unprecedented combination of a homeless violinist and a close encounter with true devastation for Spencer Reid to come to terms with the terrible truth: if he wants to know who he truly is, it's time to be somebody else. An unsub is hunting closeted gay men who happen to look a lot like one Spencer Reid.

What happens when Reid goes undercover to find him and stop him before he can hurt anyone else? A videotape of a kidnapped victim was sent to the BAU, with no much time they have to find him before it's too late.

spencer reid bar fanfiction

But something is wrong with Spencer, and the team can't quite work out what, but something isn't adding up. What's wrong with Spencer? Who is this victim? Who is the unsub? All will be answered, so read on. Contains sexual violence, strong and offensive language. He's in a bit of predicament after being honorably discharged from the Marines Corps and he can't afford his own place. And due to medical conditions, being alone over three hours is not safe for his well being.

So with a new office buddy, who happens to be a short, hyper-vigilant, trauma-ridden man wins his way into one Dr. Spencer Reid's heart? IN WHICH as kit egorova's life falls apart, her husband does all that he can to make it better, but it could end up worse. After Spencer moves in with Aaron and Jack, Jack starts giving him a hard time.

Aaron doesn't know how to help and ends up making things worse. After a fight during a case an unsub forces Jack to realize how much Spencer would sacrifice for him and his dad. IN WHICH russian assassins kit and aleksander egorova land themselves with the fbi, and kit gets a little too caught up in her past trying to protect her future.

Damien Carmen - head to a notorious crime syndicate Reid had infiltrated years ago. The reason Reid had needed to start fresh and find a family with the BAU. The reason everything seemed to be falling apart now. Sometimes bad things affect us in ways nothing else can.Probably, but I'd also be writing episodes, which I am not doing….

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Do you want me to list ten more reasons why it is perfectly acceptable to be fifteen minutes late? Morgan huffed in annoyance at Prentiss' sensibility. He knew he was being ridiculous. And impatient. Well, really impatient. But he couldn't help it! Reid was being so secretive about the whole thing, and Derek was desperate to find out who she was. The team was, mercifully, off of cases for at least the weekend, and they had decided to celebrate. Actually, it had been Morgan's idea, going to the bar.

But he couldn't resist having the get together when he found out what Reid was up to. They had just returned from a case in South Dakota the day before. It was gruesome, awful, and impossible to wrap one's head around. It was the kind of case where everyone on the team was thankful for who they had; JJ with Will and Henry, Garcia and Derek's friendship, Hotch and Jack, Prentiss had her mother even though they didn't particularly get alongand Rossi was always better off alone.

The more Derek got to thinking about it, the more he began to realize that Reid didn't really have anyone. Sure, he had his mother, but she was thousands of miles away in a mental institution. And of course he had the team, but that could only take one so far. But when they all came together the next day at work, Morgan was surprised to find a chipper Reid, and abnormally so. He even had a dorky smile that seemed almost plastered to his face. Morgan was determined to get to the bottom of this phenomena.

Morgan rounded a corner and saw Reid at a counter, dumping teaspoon after teaspoon of sugar into his coffee, the smile ever-present. Reid's face turned from one of amusement to one of sheer horror, resembling a sunburned tomato. Just because you have a girl in your oh-so-large bed does not mean the same for all of us males! Normally, a person would have said 'no way in Hell', but you were defensive! You didn't knock it down!

Morgan had proceeded to tell the entire BAU team that Reid had a secret girlfriend that he was concealing from the rest of the team. So naturally, every member of the team wanted to meet said girlfriend. And naturally, Spencer denied it. Reid was forced to be the only one sitting in the conference room while his team strode around him. Hotch didn't participate as much, but he was obviously amused about the situation.

JJ is bringing Will, I'm going with my lady," he smirked at Penelope, who curtsied, "and you are going to bring your little friend, okay? Reid huffed and stayed silent. Morgan took that as confirmation. Now she was a beauty.Despite Doctor Spencer Reid's intelligence, he had always been a people person. He had had his fair share of ups and downs over the years that meant when he joined the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit, Spencer had decided to act like a person with a high IQ.

But this didn't mean he was planning on giving up his avid social life, he just wanted people at work to treat him like a little kid, rather than give them an excuse to pick on him. Spencer was sitting on a bar stool surrounded by his 6 best friends. The group consisted of three girls and four boys Spencer included and they had stuck with him through everything that had happened.

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Not once had they questioned his judgement in regards to anything and he knew that they always had his back no matter what the situation.

Iris had shoulder length black hair and large hazel eyes that could melt anyone's heart.

Profile // A Spencer Reid Fanfiction

To put it simply, Iris was a party animal and they loved her for it. She could drink anyone under the table and then order another round. There was a chorus of laughter from the group, but no one argued as the black haired beauty ordered shots of tequila for the group.

Www xx

Spencer knew he was going to regret this in the morning, tequila always gave him the worst hangovers. They were sitting in a line at the bar they frequented as the shots were placed in front of each person.

The world was starting to sway, which was never a good thing. The young genius knew it wouldn't be long before he started to do karaoke.

Spencer ordered a vodka and coke then turned to his friends.

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Mandy was sweet and reminded the young genius of JJ in regards to looks and personality. She was the mother of the group, always making sure everyone was okay and that no one hurt her friends.

spencer reid bar fanfiction

Mandy had long blonde hair which stopped halfway down her back and bright blue eyes. Lily, on the other hand, was the exact opposite. She had short bleach blonde hair and dark brown eyes. Lily was nice once you got to know her, but to anyone else, she was mean and bitchy.When the team Minus hotch and rossi briefly talked in the hospital waiting room Not all that funny Slightly serious.

I don't have much of a funny bone in my body! I dnt own criminal minds or characters. It was a hard case for the team. They couldn't save the last victim in time and the UnSub chose Reid to be the one to try and save her. The minute Reid arrived and was able to see her, the man slit her throat. Spencer just stared in shock.

The team busted in not to long afterwards when they didn't hear nothing from the other end. The man lunged at Reid, but Hotch had shot him. Reid still didn't move. They made it back to Quantico around six that night. Reid hadn't spoken a word to anyone. It bothered the team slightly, but Morgan decided that he had enough of Reid's silence.

Reid looked at Morgan even more hesitantly. Encouraged by the smile, Morgan pressed. Emily and JJ would go, right guys? The girls nodded in attempt to help Morgan out.

I'm going to finish my reports," Reid said quietly. Finish it later! Spencer looked at Morgan in disbelief. The girls watched the exchange between the two men unsure how it would end. Spencer glared at Morgan and shook his head. Can you just let it go? At the worst you'll let this case bother you all night and next week when we see you, you'll be all tired and cranky," Morgan said. Spencer pouted slightly. Just come with us this once! If you hate it, then we won't bother you the next time you say you don't want to go," Prentiss smiled.

Reid sighed. This was a battle he couldn't win. Morgan grabbed Reid and they all walked to an SUV.The case had gone from bad to worse. And in a town like they were presently in, drinking involved HUGE gatherings of people. There were too many people to risk trying to shoot the UnSub, so they had to get creative.

Unfortunately, Spencer Reid was just a little too good at that. If we can create a distraction, we can get the UnSub out of the bar, and arrest him without the chaos of doing it in a crowded bar full of drunks. But since we can't get either of them in without causing a scene, we'll have to make do.

Reid turned his attention to Hotch. He let Hotch's arms go, and put a frantic look on his face. Hotch did everything in his power not to burst out laughing, and against all odds, managed to look sincerely at Reid. This is worse than the time I accidentally matched plum pink with scarlet blue! Is it because I'm too pushy?! Or is this about sex? Morgan smiled- taking this as his cue.

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He picked up his phone, and called the rest of the team. I admit it- it's about sex.

spencer reid bar fanfiction

He went along with Reid's plan- knowing this topic would be the most distracting to the bar-goers. You can tell me. Hotch put his hand on Reid's cheek and looked at him with sympathy. But he had to sell the act, so he slapped away Hotch's hand, put his hands on his hips, and pouted. As Prentiss, JJ, and Rossi pulled the UnSub out quietly- muffling his mouth with Rossi's hand, they all tried to stop laughing, but couldn't stop the smiling from forming on their faces.

And you're not my bouncy kangaroo, either. Goodbye Spencer. Spencer Reid let his hair far on his face, and pouted. He put his arms over chest and didn't move an inch. Suddenly, he felt someone VERY close behind him, and a hand on his shoulder.

You wanna go home with me and forget about Aaron. He took out his badge, and showed it to him. Morgan and the rest of the team waited for him with a hand-cuffed criminal at their side. Reid rolled his eyes, and the team headed back to the SUVs.

Before Morgan and Reid got in, Morgan said, " Do you want to come home with me and forget about Aaron? Story Story Writer Forum Community. TV Shows Criminal Minds. Reid comes up with a veryWhile we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. The team is called to investigate a series of murders involving the prolonged torturing of couples, but when the unsub sets his sights on Reid and Morgan, the two are pushed to their limits and forced to confess things they may rather have kept hidden.

And then as if a switch flipped, his voice was controlled, calm. Next time, I promise. I have a lot of work to get done in the office.

Case files to write up. Of course.

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I'll let you know. Love you too mom. I'll talk to you later. The second they had left, the entire team had shared the familiar dread child cases brought them.

As the overwhelming sense of "something bad is going to happen" washed over them, the BAU team failed to notice Reid shared the same victimology as the other victims. Their profile misses the unsub's intentions by a longshot, and somehow, they end up with a child in their hands. The team must find the killer before he runs out of people to murder, and most importantly, before he finds out the IQ of Spencer Reid.

Reid deals with his own painful memories and his inner thoughts and demons that he thinks he needs to fight on his own. Him and the IQ killer silently begin to play a dangerous game of cat and mouse. It's been two years since Spencer was taken away from his friends and family, kept in isolation and terror until finally giving in. He's happier, less panicked, able to enjoy himself a little more. Traveling late at night is always dangerous, especially on a public train. What happens when Spencer leaves work late?

Will the team see him again or will he be forgotten. So, you know how you watch a thing and go, "I wonder how the characters would react to that. I have.

spencer reid bar fanfiction

I am also addicted to fics where the characters watch the show they're in, and I couldn't find one for this fandom, so here it is.

I can't promise it'll be any good, but you can read it and find out. Or Reid it and find out, doesn't matter. When J. J, Prentiss and Reid get lost on the backroads of the deserts of Montana following a case, they come across a small town with many secrets and are forced to face off against a psychotic family.

Takes place some time during Season 6. For all intents and purposes, J. J never left the team and Seaver never joined. Reid has science and a profile to throw at his kidnappers.


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